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Virtual Wellness Resilience Program


Cohesive Teams

Resilient Employees

Your Best Self

Leveraging an extensive background in clinical psychology, our comprehensive program is intended to improve and strengthen the core soft skills required to increase personal resiliency, therefore helping employees to be able to effectively manage the stress caused by the current Pandemic.  Our program is designed to help the individual and/or team improve their ability to adapt to the current circumstances, improve their ability to cope and manage with the stress caused by the current circumstance, and protect and preserve their mental and emotional well being. 


OUR MISSION: To help you preserve the emotional and mental health of your employees, so that they remain fully engaged and as both individually and professionally.  


















Private Individual Coaching Sessions: Confidential and private coaching sessions focused on navigating through this crisis by providing tips and strategies for emotional and mental health management. Coaching sessions can be focused on a variety of areas but not limited to:

  • Establishing effective daily coping skills

  • Effective Emotional Management

  • Coping with social isolation

  • Dealing with fears, anxiety and mental health barriers

  • Stress management techniques


Weekly Virtual Wellness Support Group: Years of studies show that there is power when people help each other in a group setting. Group Coaching has been known to increase the potential to embed learning, behavioral changes and new perspectives. Group Coaching gives members an opportunity to connect and create enduring bonds based on mutual respect, trust and support with others outside of their immediate day to day working relationships. It also helps fill the void of working from home away from friends and colleagues.Topics of discussion can vary based on the needs of the group, and the mission is to provide a safe, collaborative space where people can share their perspectives and insights, with the goal of creating a positive collective experience.


Weekly Lunch-and-Learn Webinars: Weekly webinars focused on a variety of relevant topics that will provide the learner with information that will provide thoughtful insight, support and empowerment. Some Webinar examples include:

  • How to Calm the Mind During Times of Crisis

  • Why Am I Feeling This Way? Understanding the Stages of Grieving

  • Learn How Self-Care Can Lead to a Calmer Mind

  • Creating a New Normal: How to establish a new daily routine

  • How to Be Your Best Self in Times of Crisis

  • How to Use the Art of Cognitive Reframing to Cope with Our New Reality

  • How to Protect your Mental Health

  • Effective Problem-Solving Techniques

  • How to Deal with Fear and Anxiety During the Pandemic

  • Building Emotional Awareness to Build Emotional Resilience

  • Taking Care of Family Wellbeing

  • Proactive vs Reactive: Learn How to Be in the Driver's Seat of your Emotional Health

  • Mental Health Tips for Coronavirus Social Distancing

And much more!




Our program is focused on providing the following outcomes:

Marked improvements in ability to power through difficult times

Increased Resiliency

Find joy in work and life

Increased emotional wellness

Improved engagement, productivity and quality of work


Our program offers...

Customizable options

Flexible payment arrangements

First webinar no cost to you!

Empower Behavioral Services is offering a FREE phone consultation to help you get started on your path to resiliency and employee wellness!

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