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"You were a pleasure to work with and very, very helpful in getting us to move forward in a positive, productive and caring way. I wish you had been our first point of contact but sure am glad our paths crossed. We will definitely reach out to you in the future as needs arise and/or in the area of parent education. Please use us as a reference for other schools if needed."Thank you for taking the time to speak at our Residential Staff Day. Everyone present was not only in awe of your knowledge, but also greatly impressed by your presenting style. HM truly appreciate you Taryn and your willingness to give your time and talent to enrich the lives of our staff."

Vallery Supplice

Assistant Director of Residential Services of Hudson Milestones



“The Staff Professional Development Day was a hit!! Taryn was a joy and an excellent and well informed speaker! It was a treasure box of great information!”

Rutgers University

"In all my 11 years of being a professional, this was by far the BEST training I have ever participated in.  You truly have a gift!"

Employee, Behavioral Health Clinic in New Jersey


"Thank you so much for putting this training together.  The time with Taryn was extremely insightful and I think will help move our team forward in many ways.  A lot of A-HA moments and tangible takeaways to start off the year successfully.

Private School System in New Jersey


"I’m writing to you to thank you for the amazing training you provided us on Friday. All I can say is that employees were so happy and for sure we had a amazing time with you as we learned a lot and had the opportunity to have an open conversation as a colleagues for the first time. It really give us the freedom to express ourselves and have a common plan and goal. I will make sure I continue with the idea to have monthly meetings where we can have this type of spaces and discuss not only business but also our interaction and daily culture dynamic.

 Thank you again for being so good with us and we frankly hope to meet you again in future for more trainings."

Gina DiazManager HR and Admin Moneydart  Global Services, Inc. 

"I received such great feedback from the harassment class Taryn led."

Veronica Castellanos PHR, SHRM-CP Director of HR and Administration

"Overall I heard very positive feedback. You were truly great! Taryn really hit it out of the ballpark with our session!  She was informative, insightful and extremely patient."

Lisa Petrello, Controller, Rossopomodoro US


"Thank you so much for making the training interesting and interactive.  It made what could be an uncomfortable subject very relatable and allowed people to apply it to what they see on a daily basis.  I think it was well received by all who attended and we will be looking into the training and suggestions you mentioned.  Thanks again for everything and it was a pleasure spending the two days with you."

Mike O'Connor, VP, CFO of Abigal Press


"You exceeded all of my expectations."

Stephanie Pierson, President of B&H Consulting

"You are truly an expert in your field."

Joseph Weghorst, HR Manager at MOL Logistics

"In my line of work, I have gotten to know literally hundreds of "professionals" and I can say without question Taryn Abrahams is one of the most thoughtful, client focused, sincere, trustworthy people who I have come across.  She is a top level industry expert in her field who can and will execute on her competencies.  This combination of high level expertise and someone who always take's clients problems to heart, make her the solution to your HR/corporate behavioral problems.

Jonathan Rosen, CEO of Collaberex

"Taryn offered consulting and training to our managers and employees to help us minimize our workplace harassment risk.  Taryn is professional, innovative and extremely passionate about bringing value to her clients and I highly recommend working with her."

Penny Dechowitz, CEO of Platinum Tag and Label Co.


"I have had the pleasure of meeting Taryn and building a partnership with her. Taryn has a very unique ability to provide market insight and trends as it pertains to Harassment in the Workplace, Trainings, and Insight to upcoming regulations all in a very fluid, safe and informative manner. She comes with a well-rounded background of both behavioral studies and corporate experience which allows for a holistic viewpoint to this very sensitive topic. I see her as an extremely valuable asset to my prospects and clients alike."

Stephanie Putala, Major Accounts District Manager of ADP

"I had the pleasure of meeting Taryn through her affiliation with NJAWBO, and during that time I have seen her be a leader, an educator and an exceptional speaker.  I have attended some of her speaking engagements and she possess a confidence that seems to put all of her audience at ease.  Because of her unique clinical background in psychology, she brings a unique perspective to workplace issues and strategies on creating behavioral and social change. She is dynamic, passionate about her work, and ambitious and eager to make a difference in the way business is conducted.  I highly recommend working with Taryn as she is truly focused on supporting people and businesses be the very best they can be."

Rosanna Masullo Imbriano, Founder and Executive Director - Sempre

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