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What are we learning from the #MeToo Movement?

The #MeToo movement represents an important time in our country. Although harassment has been around as long as people co-existed, the movement has been reignited, and a stronger focus has been put on this issue. I believe the movement taught us the following:

*Even a powerful media mogul like Harvey Weinstein can be held accountable. No one is invincible!

*Harassment in the workplace is an even more of a bigger issue than we maybe realized.

*Perhaps some if not most of workplace training's are missing the mark! Mostly ineffective!

*Exposed a deep routed issue with workplace divisions! Men and women are not so much on the same page.

With these lessons, we need to take this opportunity to revisit the resources we have in place in our workplace, and determine if it is really educating and covering ALL parts of this issue, not just compliancy conversations. Are you discussing myths and misconceptions, impact of bystander intervention, and having deeper conversations to help lessen the divisions?

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