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IRR – A Three-Step Process



IRR focuses on human behavioral interaction and:


                             Develops a strong, cohesive corporate culture that eliminates risk factors

                             Raises awareness and increases efficiency to immediately address weaknesses/gaps


Step 1 Inform: Education is integral to creating positive and effective change.

We educate you on workplace behaviors and interactions, then identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses when compared to best practices. The goal is to understand the mission, vision and values of your organization so that we can customize a solution that’s tailored to the unique needs of your organization. Our holistic behavioral approach is designed to create a positive shift in your workplace by empowering employees to assume both individual and collective responsibilities.

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Step 2 Resolve: A compassionate culture breeds awareness that supports sustainable change.

A focus on the relational behaviors of both leaders and employees facilitates a deep and pervasive level of awareness throughout the organization. This results in positive change and makes it stick. Through our customized workshops, one-to-one coaching or strategy sessions with your management team, we help leaders and employees strengthen their relationships and interactions. Our interactive exercises and live workshops are designed to help teach and then strengthen the skills necessary to handle workplace issues such as sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination. We also help individuals from senior management on down cultivate the soft skills that improve communication, engender team building and aid in conflict resolution.

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Step 3 Repair: Addressing problems when and where they occur mitigates long-term risk.

We bring people together and enhance engagement to improve communications, promote team-building and assist in conflict resolution. Our behavioral approach arms participants with strategies to diffuse potential bias and discrimination. We provide live, interactive workshops and the strategies that result in long-term sustainable change. Our restorative solutions ensure that everybody wins. Employees feel fulfilled and valued and because of improved morale they are loyal to your corporation. This boosts productivity, increases retention, strengthens reputation and grows your bottom line.



We dig deep to identify root behaviors that lead to positive change

We engage employees through interactive workshops and role play

We follow-up with exercises that make the learning stick


Call us for a consultation and discover how we can strengthen your corporate culture and help you advance sustainable change.

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