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Stay woke: Avoid unconscious bias when interviewing, or risk making costly hiring errors

Humans are immediately socialized when we enter this world — and we carry into our professional lives all the personal things we learned growing up. All of the judgments, attitudes, perceptions and stereotypes that have accumulated in our brains over the course of our lives, we bring with us to work, where they can affect our decisions and behaviors. We all have biases, but understanding it's complexity is the challenge.

The most common place for unconscious bias to play out is in the workplace. Bias can effect every level of business from recruitment to promotions, to deciding how and who to delegate work. The goal for business leaders is to figure out how to gain more conscious awareness around how bias impacts your workplace, and create new habits that will prevent bias from having a negative impact.

Here is a recent publication that highlighted my recent seminar on Unconscious Bias which includes helpful information for HR professionals and business leaders.

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