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Do you want to save yourself from a 3 million dollar lawsuit?

Updated: May 8, 2019

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Discount Workplace Training

As corporate behavioral and human interaction experts, we know first-hand the benefits of companies investing in good quality workplace training. Unfortunately, however, many companies view training as an 'extra', which means it’s quickly cut from the budget when times get tough. In our opinion, this is a short-sighted leadership approach. Let us share with you three reasons why investing in a continuous, long-term training plan for your staff is worth it.

Increased efficiency

A good training program can arm your employees with the tools and understanding that they need to work more efficiently. This will reduce the occurrences of trial-and-error and long-winded solutions in the workplace and result in higher levels of productivity and maximized ROI.

Improved workplace culture

Workplace culture should never be left out of consideration as it sets the tone for the entire organization. Training shows that you value your staff and want to help them become the best employee they can. When people feel valued, they tend to work harder, feel like they are part of the team and often take a more proactive role within the company. Of course, all of this helps improve the organizational bottom line.

No toxic workplace behaviors

Employee training can also help forge positive interpersonal relationships among your employees by establishing a strict disciplinary policy to help deter instances of harassment or bullying. You must also remember that by not providing training, you’re exposing yourself to considerable legal risk as you can be held liable if an employee is harassed and you haven’t used reasonable care to prevent the harassment by conducting the training. The litigation costs alone can be astronomical.

Taryn Abrahams is the Founder of Empower Behavioral Services, Empower provide the education, strategy and tools that foster collaborative work environments and/or address negative behaviors before they get out of hand.

​Please give us a call today (973) 803-8276 for a free consultation to discuss how we can help you bring the very best out in your people.

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